Lisa Daye

Lisa, born in Zimbabwe in 1969, spent her childhood on a remote ranch in the African bush. This was where her love of nature and wildlife began and still shapes much of Lisa’s life and work. She moved to Canada with her family and grew up in Southern Alberta. After many years in Calgary as a graphic artist, Lisa moved up north to Woodlands County, where she spent the next ten years on an acreage raising her two children and learning about growing vegetables and beekeeping. It was also during this time that Lisa discovered soapstone carving. Always creative and artistic, and having spent most of her life doing various kinds of art, Lisa soon found that she had a special love for stone carving and she has only grown to love it more as time passes. Another discovery that Lisa made was that she love to teach art classes and help others connect with their creative selves, which she still does to this day. She lives in Whitecourt, Alberta and divides her time between her children, her work at the library, and her art.

Lisa specializes in carving soapstone sculptures, and she also paints and carves wood.