Cynthia McLaren

Cynthia McLaren is a self-taught Canadian artist, originally from Picton, Ontario. She moved to Vancouver Island in 1989 and worked for several years in the publishing industry. In the late 90’s she settled with her family in Edmonton, Alberta. After many years in the graphic and interior design industry, she made the decision in the fall of 2016 to pursue her artistic passion professionally.

Cynthia’s love for Canada shows in her paintings. Her broad spectrum of artwork includes water-downed washes to bold and brilliant colours, often incorporating northern lights and elements of nature.

In 2019 she was accepted into and is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Recently, she has completed a collection of paintings and poetry, made into publication. “Canada – A Poetic Landscape was a process over two years and a process of research and much love. Each painting represents a province/territory, encompassing Canada’s incredible landscape, history, and heritage and transcribed into poetry.

Artist Statement

Life is short and I want to make a difference through art to enhance the lives of others. Each work is a diary of my explorations and thoughts that are executed with the materials at hand. Inspiration comes from my surroundings and the places I’ve travelled to.

Art is an outlet for inner expression and an opportunity to shine a light on someone else’s life.

CLICK HERE to view Cynthia’s recent exhibition “CANADA – A Poetic Landscape – the Exhibition and Book…”