CANADA - A Poetic Landscape - the Exhibition and Book...

are a well-considered, joy-filled journey into the vast splendour of the Canadian landscape, its history and heritage, crafted through the lens of an artist turned poet. They impart lesser-known information about Canada through the colourful, detailed, and whimsical totem poles and inukshuks to the fur trade and the gold rush, from cottage country and maple syrup to high tides and sculptured rocks, from a long history of war to the land cradled on the waves. The exhibit and book are rich with the uniqueness of each province and territory.
Artist: Cynthia McLaren

Cynthia McLaren was born and raised in the small town of Picton, Ontario. She left home in her early twenties to discover Canada’s diverse landscape, people, and history. Her passion for the outdoors, photography, and art have influenced her twenty year career in graphic design, reflected in many of her paintings.

With a great appreciation for the country she calls home, Cynthia was inspired to create this collection to offer another means to educate and inspire people to fully realize and appreciate how great Canada is. In creating Canada: A Poetic Landscpape, Cynthia spent two years researching every province and territory of Canada, and she hopes to connect with readers, young and old, through her vision of art and poetry that resonates with every part of Canada.

Cynthia McLaren resides in Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband Paul and her children, Heather and Adam.

Canada: A Poetic Landscape is her first book.

Artist Statement

Life is short and I want to make a difference through art to enhance the lives of others. Each work is a diary of my explorations and thoughts that are executed with the materials at hand. Inspiration comes from my surroundings and the places I’ve travelled to.

Art is an outlet for inner expression and an opportunity to shine a light on someone else’s life.

Cynthia Mclaren

Exhibition Gallery