Barry Kostiuk

Barry was born and raised in Northern Alberta.

“I never received any formal art training, but I did take a 2 day soapstone carving course from a well known Edmonton stone carver, Alan Waidman in 2010 and have been carving ever since. I fell in love with carving before finishing my first piece.

I like taking a raw piece of stone, envisioning what’s inside and working with it to  create a piece of art. In some of my work I leave part of the stone raw to show the beauty of both the before and after. To me carving is not only a way to express myself and show my creativity but it is also therapeutic. You can find  my work in homes and businesses in Alberta, BC, Ontario, California, Australia, Barbados, England, Mexico, Bolivia, Japan, Kuwait, Thailand &  Brazil.

I welcome commissioned work & corporate awards. 
I also repair damaged soapstone Carvings and teach Soapstone carving classes.”