About Gossamer Gallery & Gifts

Lois and Len Hannam opened the gallery in 2015. Their dream is to bring art out of the city and into a rural, lakeside setting. Their goal was to provide an inviting, relaxed atmosphere for patrons to experience art in their own backyard.

The Gossamer Gallery currently represents the artistic expression and work of over 40 local artists and artisans from the Edmonton region. This encompasses painters of all mediums and genres, photographers, pencil artists, sculptors, carvers, potters, metal workers, glass workers, fabric artists, wood craftsmen, and jewelry makers. The artwork is carefully curated to feature a variety of skill levels. This gives exposure for the “up-and-commers” in the local art scene, as well as for the premier artists we represent. It also provides a price range that makes art affordable for everyone.

Wanting to set the gallery apart visually, Lois and Len began an ever-evolving mural project on the exterior of the building. Currently, “Who Gives a Hoot” — an owl — is on the apex. On one wall are portraits of Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali in the mural “Where Artists Meet.” “Meet the Masters” features self-portraits with iconic paintings of Picasso, Van Gough, and Monet. Another mural illustrates “Iconic Canadian Musicians.” All have become a must-see destination, drawing people into the community and the gallery.

Throughout the year the gallery presents many solo and group exhibitions. There is also a regular feature event where artists create “live and up close” in the gallery. Occasionally, art instruction classes are offered.

During the community’s annual Dragonfly Festival in late June, the gallery sponsors an outdoor Art Walk to showcase the artists of the gallery, as well as other local artists.

Lois Hannam
FYI, that's Lois. Len didn't make it to the photo session.
Gosamer Gallery 5 Year Annivesary
Celebrations at our five-year anniversary! Joining Lois and Len is Sharon Samartino, owner of Pieces-Passion for Fashion, the clothing boutique located in the same building as Gossamer Gallery.

To make the visit complete, Gossamer Gallery also carries an assortment of giftware sourced from small, independent Canadian artisans and craftspeople. Currently, the gallery has a made-in-Canada or designed-in-Canada criteria, except for seasonal wares which cater to the Wabamun Lake visitors. The gift shop area also has a wide variety of dragonfly-themed items to honour the hamlet’s primary tourist attraction “Canada’s Largest Dragonfly” and the Dragonfly Festival.

As an added enticement to those who need an even better reason to visit an art gallery, up to 30 different delicious flavours of fresh, high-quality fudge that are made on the premises are available at any given time!

The gallery and gift shop are open year-round with seasonal hours, closing for the month of January to refresh and renew the offerings.